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Beth’s Community Kitchen Reviews

Read the wonderful reviews about Beth’s Community Kitchen in Mill Valley, CA. We are known for our wonderful atmosphere, delectable baked goods, and incredible food. Come in and enjoy the warmth of Beth’s Community Kitchen.

“Local Mill Valleyans took me to Beth’s this morning, and when I saw that they have a version of the donut I was delighted, as I had yet to experience the hybrid croissant/doughnut I’d read about. The pastry lives up to its reputation, in both plain and custard-filled varieties. I have to confess I had one of each, as well as a custard doughnut hole, mmmmmm!
The other pastries all looked equally good, and I will return next time I’m in the area. A great addition to downtown.
It is a boutique bakery and prices reflect it, so expect to pay for the location as well as baked goods.”

Julie H., Santa Ana, CA

“To call it the best bakery in Mill Valley would be damning with faint praise, so let’s just say it’s one of the best bakeries I’ve been to, period, and one of the only worthwhile food establishments in Mill Valley. Wonderful baked goods & friendly people. The croissants and breads were excellent. But the cinammon roll, which usually fails due to an abundance of sticky glaze and not enough spice, was perfect.

To the “locals” who live in $3 million bungalows, send their children to private school, shop at Whole Foods, drive Audi SUVs, and who want to complain that a $5 croissant is too expensive, well — I guess we all have our priorities.”

Matthew B., Los Angeles, CA

“Fabulous quiche with great crust — sweet vibe — a few outdoor tables — super friendly staff — great small town spot with excellent baked goods. These people are very obviously inspired.”

Barbara S., Mill Valley, CA

“The BEST morning buns in the Bay Area.  Lots of delicious treats.”

Joe S., San Francisco, CA

“FRESH baked goods where the bakers and owner are there making original yummy recipes…where do you experience this any more… is rare….. go and enjoy. Coffee is very good too. Thanks Beth and company.”

Roxanne Y., Mill Valley, CA

Beth's Community Kitchen Bakery Mill Valley, CA“I have a real soulful connection to this place. Beth and her hubbie bust their humps, as do the tons of staff they have to keep this place real, local and quality. Its the only real bakery in Mill Valley.

Sometimes a couple of the staff get a little slow or distracted, which is weird when it happens, but the goods are totally top-drawer. Go for the breakfast sandwich, scones and muffins. Yum!”

Kevin F., Healdsburg, CA

“If I could leave a million star review I would, it would be the milky way. I found Beth’s Community Kitchen Facebook page and swooned at all the photos of the amazing baked goods. Alas, I am in Paso Robles, not quite a stone’s throw from Mill Valley. But when I come up I always stop at the bakery for a lil’ bit of heaven. Beth and staff, you rock!”

Lauren L., Paso Robles, CA

“Hands down the absolute best bakery I have ever been to in my life and I have lived all over the US. This place is literally willy wonka’s chocolate factory for foodies.  I try to drive over from the city once a week. Try EVERYTHING. The sweet! The savory! The ham and gruyere croissants! Bittersweet chocolate crunch cookies!!! Quiche! The sweet brioche cream donut things!  Umm the TRIPLE GINGER SNAPS?!?!! I DIE!!!!  Thank you for your outrageously incredible contribution to society and to my life.  Lest I forget the lunch specials. Oh boy. Rob’s caesar! The soups!  I wake up on Saturday and Sunday mornings dreaming of Beth’s.  I have not found anything worthy of comparison, and I’ve been around the block… the bakery block.
Pecan pie is unreal. Seriously. Unreal. I almost cried it was so good. Do yourself a favor. Go to Beth’s. I can’t even… just go.”

Alexandra C., San Francisco, Ca

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